Vehicle dealers’ request for time extension granted

They have an additional two weeks to invite representatives from their principal company

Trade: Following written and verbal requests from some vehicle dealers, the Department of Trade (DoT) has given them additional two weeks to invite representatives from their principal company.

Some dealers in their requests have citied that the one-month duration until April  15, was too short to invite their principal company representatives. Few cited financial issues for not being able to invite their representatives on time.

The department had asked the vehicle dealers to invite their representatives to ensure that actual prices are being charged for vehicles.  The move came, following numerous complaints from customers across the country that vehicles, sold by dealers in the country are over priced.

Trade officiating director, Dophu Tshering, said one-and-a-half month time should be more than enough for dealers to call the representatives of their principal company.

“We’ve given them enough time and, if they fail again, their dealership licence will be cancelled,” he said. “We have to complete meeting all nine representatives before April end.”

Since September, the trade department had written to the dealers to submit details of the vehicle’s price composition, including company price and dealer’s commission.  But the details were not provided adequately, Dophu Tshering said.

During the meeting, representatives will be briefed on the country’s wholesale regulation, 2006.  Procedures on vehicle dispatch, company price, transportation costs and dealer’s commission will also be discussed.

The meeting has already begun with principal company representatives of some dealers.  Last week, the department met with TATA motor’s representative, who has two dealers in the country, Samden Vehicle and State Trading Corporation of Bhutan Ltd (STCBL).

“We got the necessary information and, as far as we could learn, TATA dealers are clean,” the officiating director said. “Should we find any price discrepancies, it’ll be immediately rectified.”

By Nirmala Pokhrel


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  1. kams
    kams says:

    The vehicle pricing should be transparent.

    When grocery shops are asked to sell goods at MRP, why vehicle dealers were allowed to loot the innocent citizen. Trade officials should constantly monitor the vehicle price. Many people buy car out of necessity and hard earned money are easily looted by the vehicle dealers. We can see how much they have looted as we know the price of cars in india through the web. There is difference of more than 2 lakhs. Trade dept wake up.

  2. Dawbus
    Dawbus says:

    The trade office have already granted 2 weeks period for the veh. dealers to bring their Partners for the meeting which was scheduled on 1st April’ 2015. Is It really a April Fool for the people of Bhutan? Why they are taking this long to just call people from their principal company. Nothing is mentioned. Now Trade officials have to think How many people are eagerly waiting for the meeting to be held on 1st April and waiting for the good news to come out.
    We can’t do anything cuz decision has already made given time extension. But a big question is that, if we order the car before the meeting and get our car after the meeting, can that Price be retrospectively applied or it should be from 1st April by any means.
    We need clarification cuz we are waiting for price to drop by few thousands and we will order our car.

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