Chimi Dema, | Tsirang

A resident in Charingma village under Rangthaling, Tsirang, Sangay took about three months and spent more than Nu 30,000 to obtain a permit to construct a single-storey building.

The permits had to be routed through the dzongkhag administration since the Bhutan Building Regulation (BBR) 2018 came into effect. Before that gewog administrations could issue such permits.

Sangay said that the requirement of technical drawings to accompany the application for a building permit added extra expense. “Although my building is temporary, I had to pay about Nu 25,000 for the technical drawing.”

Besides the cost, he said that getting a construction permit involves a lengthy process. “I had to travel numerous times to seek approval from several officials,” Sangay said.

An applicant needs to apply for a construction permit to the gewog administration first and then route it through the dzongkhag administration.

The section 31(d) of the BBR 2018 states that an application for a building permit shall be accompanied by technical drawings and related documents. The technical drawings include  architectural drawings, structural drawings, electrical drawings, and plumbing and sanitation drawings.

Rangthaling Gup Bal Bdr Tamang said that the requirement of technical drawings became expensive for rural residents who were not even in position to construct a multi-storey building.

“Residents could obtain permits from the gewog administration in the past.”

During the recent dzongkhag tshogdu, Rangthaling Mangmi Dechen Wangdi proposed that the permit for construction of temporary infrastructure and one-storey buildings be sanctioned from the gewog administration like before to suit the convenience of residents.

Dajay chiwog Tshogpa Dil Bdr Tamang said that except for a construction of temporary infrastructure with bamboo, all other permits should be routed through the local government.

“It would benefit residents, especially low-income families, if a construction permit for a temporary infrastructure could be sanctioned by the gewog administration,” he said.

Mangmi Dechen Wangdi said, “Not many apply for a permit given the difficulties today. Had it been in the past, there were at least three applicants in a month.”

Another resident, Dhojibir Tamang, who got a construction permit recently, said that his son began the process about two years ago.

“It was very convenient before the rule when we could obtain it directly from the gewog administration,” he said.

Residents suggested the dzongkhag administration have a sample drawing for a one-storey building to simplify the process.

Meanwhile, the DT decided to forward the matter to the Parliament.