Neten Dorji | Trashigang

Tshering Yangki, whom Wamrong drungkhag court convicted for physical assault, has appealed to Trashigang dzongkhag court on five grounds against the lower court’s judgment yesterday.

Following the lockdown, the appeal letter was submitted only on 1st October.

During the preliminary hearing, Tshering Yangki submitted that she did not cause injury to Sonam Peldon and that the video clip did not prove that.

“The video clip was also recorded by themselves (defendants) and it only shows me,” the appeal letter read.

She said that during the time of accident, Sonam Peldon did not have any pain and the three witnesses in their statements said that she was alright.

“Experts from Reserbu and Mongar Regional Hospitals also said that there were no serious injuries on Sonam Peldon,” she submitted.

The appellant has also appealed to the dzongkhag court alleging that the police charge sheet against Sonam Peldon and her son had changed and the statements of witnesses were ignored letting them scot-free.

“The lower court also did not consider my request to penalise them for circulating the short video clip about the incident on social media,” Tshering Yangki submitted.

Tshering Yangki also claimed that the court harassed her. In her appeal, she submitted that the court told her at 5pm when the bank was closed to deposit payment in lieu of the prison term or go to jail despite the 10-day period to appeal. She requested the dzongkhag court if the judge could subject a litigant to such circumstances.

Wamrong drungkhag court handed a compoundable sentence of 18 months prison term to Tshering Yangki for her involvement in a battery case and sentenced her to a year in prison for trespassing on July 22 this year.

The next hearing is on October 19.