Nima | Gelephu

The major roadblock at Wangdigang bypass road along the Gelephu-Trongsa highway is expected to be cleared by today evening, according to Department of Roads (DoR) officials in Zhemgang.

The road remained closed for the past four days following a massive rockslide that buried over 180 metres of the road on July 23.

DoR’s chief engineer at Tingtibi, Zhemgang, CB Mongar said several overhanging rocks had hampered the excavation works. Two excavators were deployed to clear the block.

Only about 30 metres of the road was left to clear as of yesterday.

The traffic was diverted towards Tingtibi-Zhemgang-Wangdigang secondary national highway.

With the bypass road still closed, the distance between Trongsa Gelephu has increased almost by 40 kilometres.

DoR officials said major roadblocks were reported along Panbang-Tingtibi highway and Gelephu Trongsa highway.

Over 10 roadblocks were reported within 10 km along the Gelephu Trongsa highway last week.