Wangdue’s incumbent NC representative Tashi Dorji from the Rubeisa got through to the next round of selection process with 245 yes votes and 10 no votes.

The dzongkhag has completed NC zomdu for nine gewogs and the throm. Six gewogs will complete theirs on 13th of this month.

As one of the largest dzongkhags, two zomdu are conducted in a day. Some of the gewog such as Rubeisa, Athang, Nyisho, Dakar, Gangteng, and Kazhi conduct three zhomdu a day.

Passang Thrinlee from Bjena Gewog got 194 yes votes and 21 no votes. Thinley from Thedtsho got 70 yes votes and 42 no votes. Rada Wangchuk from Bajo throm got 116 yes votes and 18 no votes, Dawa Tshering from Sephu gewog got 356 yes votes and 25 no votes.

With the declaration of the votes for Rubeisa gewog all the five aspiring candidates from the dzongkhag has gotten through to the next round of NC elections.

Zomdu for Gase Tshogom, Gase Tshogwom, Bjena, Thedtsho, Bajo throm, Sephu, Phobji, Rubeisa, Dangchu and Darker are completed.  The dzongkhag is left with zomdu for Phangyual, Nyisho, Gangteng, Athang, Nahi, and Kazhi gewogs.

The zomdu, which began from February 24, will end on March 13 in Kazhi Gewog.

Karma Cheki | Wangdue