Phurpa Lhamo | Wangdue

Despite the two nationwide lockdowns, Wangdue Dzong will complete in its given deadline of December 2022, according to dzong reconstruction project officials.

The project engineer, Dorji, said works were stopped for at least 21 days during the two lockdowns. Work continued when possible as construction site was identified as a self-contained zone.

As of today, 80 percent of the reconstruction project is complete

As of today, 80 percent of the reconstruction project is complete

He said about 80 percent of the overall reconstruction work is complete. Major progress has been made in the first and the third courtyard.

Dorji said that 95 percent of work was complete in the third courtyard, where the utse and kuenray are located. “Painting works are going on.”

In the second courtyard, progress is visible from across the dzong where one of the three-storey structure is complete and the second is underway. The second courtyard also known as the dukhang structure holds shabkhors and dukhang.

In the first courtyard, Dorji said that 90 percent of the work was complete. “Construction of two lhakhangs in the main entrance structure remains. Work will begin after work completes in the second courtyard.”

He said this was planned to ensure the route to the second courtyard remains open to carry materials. Additional flooring work and construction of the service tunnel, which will run through the first courtyard also remains.

The project has more than 350 workers. About 100 workers, mostly carpenters, are based in Samthang.

The project is expected to complete in December 2022, but the project management is trying to complete it at the earliest. As of today, Nu 768 million of Nu 1 billion has been spent.