More than 60 percent of the reconstruction work at Wangdue Dzong has been completed. The last phase of the project – the middle courtyard of the dzong – has already begun.

The project is divided into three phases with three courtyards. About 70 percent of the work at the first courtyard has been completed. The first courtyard, which begins from the main entrance, consists mostly of the administrative structures.

Project Director Kinley Wangchuk said that the remaining 30 percent of the work at the first courtyard would be completed with the middle courtyard the work for which just began.

The remaining works include laying of an underground tunnel in the first and middle courtyard, which will hold the firefighting pipes, water pipes, and sewerage pipes.

Kinley Wangchuk said: “Completing the first and middle courtyard together is to make the work convenient.”

At the middle courtyard, wall dismantling and laying of foundations is underway. The middle courtyard will house some lhakhangs.

The last phase of the Wangdue Dzong reconstruction project began this month

The last phase of the Wangdue Dzong reconstruction project began this month

In the third courtyard, only about 15 percent of the work remains to be completed. In May this year, Sertog on the Utse of the dzong was also installed.

Kinley Wangchuk said that the adjoining buildings to the Utse were nearing completion. They include Lam Neten’s and Umzey’s resident, among others. “We will complete the work in the third courtyard before the end of the year.”

Along with completion of the dzong structures, the members of the Nangten Khodrup Tshogpa are also installing the statues and relics in the lhakhangs of the dzong.

Nangten Khodrup Tshogpa was formed in 2012 with nine members of the dratshang, including the Lam Neten.

The tshogpa’s secretary, Lhatu, said that when the dzong caught fire in 2012, the committee with donations from individuals, monks, and the royal family brought dress for the masked dancers beside other necessities. “Later we put proposals to the government for fund. We are currently bringing in statues, instruments, and things, which were in the dzong in the past according to the list we have. These things were there and serve a purpose, so we try to bring it.”

Lhatu said that four lhakhangs would soon have statues and other necessary instruments. Goenkhang and lama lhakhang are among the four.

The lama’ lhakhang will house most important relic — Chana Dorji’s statue, which was retrieved when the dzong caught fire in 2012.

While the reconstruction project had spent Nu 520 million (M) so far, the Nangten Khodrup Tshogpa had spent Nu 40M.

Managing the labours and working on a small space are some of the challenges facing the project. There are about 350 workers with project.

The project continues to receive donations and volunteers.

“We are grateful to the members of the royal family and every individual who are supporting the reconstruction project,” Lhatu said.

Phurpa Lhamo | Wangdue


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