Agriculture: Farmers of Wangdue accused Agriculture Machinery Centre (AMC) in Bajo and its employees for overpricing and supplying duplicate power tillers parts.

The issue was raised by gups of Bjena, Kashi and Nyisho at the 10th Wangdue Dzongkhag Tshogdu last week.

The local leaders said that issue was raised in two past tshogdus but farmers still face problems in getting power tiller parts.

Nyisho Gup Tshering said that AMC issued farmers duplicate spare parts and overpriced.

“Part that costs Nu 2,000 when purchased from Thimphu and Paro, cost Nu 10,000 at AMC,” said Gup Tshering. Farmers also accuse the AMC workers of installing Vietnam-made in place of Japan-made parts.

Kashi Gup Sigay Dorji said since power tiller has become vital for farming families, problems such as these make people’s life difficult.

Farmers say that power tillers repaired by AMC stopped working. In some cases, repair was done on the wrong side of the machine.

Local leaders urged AMC officials to look into the matter and help solve the problems facing farmers of 15 gewogs at the earliest.

While denying what local leaders said about overpricing and duplicate parts, AMC manager said that the centre face problem in acquiring required materials and parts on time.

“We do not issue Vietnam-made products at all,” he said.” “We advise them to make do with Vietnam-made parts. Of course they buy from market themselves.”

He added that every power tiller part sold or maintenance done at AMC has been recorded in office, and therefore, the issue of overpricing is unfounded.

Dawa Gyelmo, Wangdue