Phurpa Lhamo  | Gasa

With the commencement of the nationwide vaccination drive today, vaccines to Esuna village—one of Gasa’s furthest villages, are expected to be airlifted on March 29.

The village, located about eight days walking distance from the nearest road point, has six families.  The village has 18 eligible vaccine recipients.

According to Gasa dzongkhag health officer, Tashi Norbu, the vaccines would be airlifted from Paro.

Gasa has identified 14 vaccine outposts.

The dzongkhag administration received 2,490 doses of the Covid-19 vaccine on March 25.

Of the total, 470 were dropped at Lunana PHC, and 620 to Laya PHC through chopper service.

In Wangdue, deployment of desuups and vaccines have been placed in 39 identified vaccination outposts.

The dzongkhag received 27,410 doses of vaccine on March 23.

According to Wangdue dzongdag Sonam Jamtsho, the dzongkhag was prepared and confident for the weeklong vaccination drive.

Headed by the dzongdag, three investigation teams have been formed.  The teams will visit all outposts over the coming week.

The dzongkhag has engaged more than 210 desuups for registration, crowd control, and over 110 medical staff as part of the technical team.

Lopokha and Mitena outposts in Athang are some of the furthest outposts in Wangdue.

In Punakha, 1,220 individuals as part of the BCSEA evaluation team will receive their doses post-vaccine in the dzongkhag.  The team was in Punakha for the past week.

In Punakha, 58 vaccination outposts have been identified.

The dzongkhag received 18,050 doses of the vaccine on March 24.