Renovation of the existing vegetable shed in Bajo, Wangdue would complete next month. 

After renovation, the shed, which was occupied by 31 sellers, would accommodate 39 imported vegetable and kamtsho sellers. The renovated shed includes two gates, proper roof, walls and would also be supplied with electricity.  

The throm has also constructed a new vegetable shed for the farmers to sell their local produce. 

Dzongkhag tshogdu chairperson, Tenzin Wangchuk, said the renovated shed would improve the security for both sellers and customers. “Before there were complaints of things being stolen, animals entering and eating the vegetables, and vegetable sellers being exposed to heat, wind and rain.” 

Wangdue dzongdag Sonam Jamtsho said that earlier, the sellers were also occupying more space than needed and after renovation, the spaces would be properly designated to include more sellers.

He said that the renovated shed would also cater to the eight pending applications the dzongkhag administration has received. “We will not accept any further application as the shed does not have more space.” 

Sonam Jamtsho said that after renovation, the existing vegetable shed would cater to those selling imported vegetables while the newly built vegetable shed would cater to the farmers.  “We wanted to give preference to those selling local vegetables so we built a new one, exclusively for them.” 

The vegetable shed for the locals was completed about three months ago. 

A 50-year-old local vegetable seller, Pem, said that she used to take her vegetables to Thimphu but now she brings it to the shed. “We had no space to sell then but now I can come and sell any time.” 

A vegetable seller Karma Choki, 23 from Wogay village in Dakar gewog walks for about four hours to reach the town with her vegetables. 

She said that as there was no designated space for local sellers before the shed was built and with designated space being already occupied, she was often chased away for selling in places not permitted by the throm.  

The imported vegetable sellers are selling from a temporary shed near the existing one until the renovation is completed. The imported vegetable sellers are charged Nu 1,500 a month, kamtsho sellers Nu 750 a month and local vegetable sellers a minimal cleaning charge of Nu 10 for one time use. 

Karma Cheki | Wangdue