Staff Reporter 

Paro Dzongkhag Administration fined 100 shopkeepers and automobile workshops for various offences related to Waste Prevention and Management Regulation 2016 yesterday. A total of Nu 50,600 was collected as fines.

The dzongkhag administration inspected Tshongdi, Bongdi and Woochu areas in Paro for adherence to the waste prevention and management regulation.

Inspection in other gewogs will continue.

The inspection and monitoring activities are recommended by the Waste Management Committee.

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister issued an executive order to form a committee to enforce strict waste management system in the country.

The Waste Management Committee held an online meeting yesterday with dzongdags in all the dzongkhags to consolidate waste management efforts.

“The committee updated on the initiatives being undertaken in Thimphu and requested the dzongkhags to start implementing the waste management rules and regulations,” according to committee officials.

The committee comprise officials from Office of the Gyalpoi Zimpon, National Land Commission, Ministry of Works and Human Settlement, De-Suung Office, Thimphu Dzongkhag, and National Environment Commission Secretariat.

The dzongdags were also informed about the new penalties and fines.

During the meeting, the dzongdags were informed that from next year, assessment on cleanliness and waste management practices in all dzongkhags and thromdes would be carried out and the best performing dzongkhags would be recognised.

“Accountability would be trickled down as waste management targets and KPIs will be included in the APAs, and these will be assessed at the individual level as well,” said officials.

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and APAs (Agency Performance Indicators) are management tools to ensure accountability and performance in the civil service.