Suraj Gurung | Intern

With the completion of Omshari irrigation project on June 4, the residents of Pemathang Gewog in Samdrupjongkhar no longer have to worry about irrigation water shortage. 

Known for its khamtey rice, a widely-sought variety, for which the farmers primarily depend for livelihood, irrigation water shortage had impeded the production in the past years.

Built by 110 de-suups at the cost of Nu 95 million, the project is expected to irrigate 1,000 acres of wetland and dryland, benefitting 384 households across the four chiwogs in the gewog.

Pemathang Gup Pema Leksho said: “We are grateful for this gift from His Majesty the King. It will not only solve water scarcity in the area but also open up new opportunities for farmers.”

The existing water source, Warongri, couldn’t meet both the agricultural and drinking water needs of the residents.

The gup said that the water supply would benefit areca nut growers and livestock farmers too. 

The new water source at Raoshing-ri will help reduce the existing demand for clean drinking water in Pemathang, Chirtshosa, and Metothang Chiwogs. 

“With constant water supply, some residents plan to start aquaculture and poultry farms,” the gup added. 

The project was financed by the Government of India through the project-tied assistance programme. 

Agriculture Minister Yeshey Penjor, Consul General of India Prashant Kumar Das, and the local residents of the gewog attended the inauguration. 

The project started in November last year.