Nima Wangdi 

Hotels and eateries in Tshongdue town were hoping to make the most of the five-day Paro tshechu. However, a disruption in water supply left them without water for more than a day severely hampering their businesses.

A hotelier, who called Kuensel said that the tshechu is the only opportunity to earn good income since they hardly receive any customers on other days. He said thousands of people flocked in the town many looking for food but he could not cook since there was no water. Many customers left upset.

The town usually gets water supply between 8am and 4:30pm every day, according to residents. “We now have a small water flowing but it is inadequate.”

Another hotelier said that he had to beg for water from his neighbour who had stored it in tanks. That too finished and then had to request other neighbours.

Town residents said the drinking water shortage worsened at the wrong time without water even for toilets.

A female hotelier said she had to turn away many customers since she ran out of plates and bowls without water to wash them.

Businesses called municipal officials and business community representatives complaining about the problem. “The officials said they were fixing the problem and the water supply would be restored in an hour.”

A businessman said the tshechu, happening after three years since the pandemic, brought good business but the water problem marred their chances. “I wish we had 24 hours of water supply at least during the Tshechu.”

Paro municipal officials said that there was a leakage in the main supply line. “We fixed it by the afternoon on April 4.”

Residents said the water supply was restored but it wasn’t stable. He said the water did not have force as usual and also was inconsistent as of yesterday evening.