Social media is a development that we are yet to truly understand.  It comes with both advantages and disadvantages.  That brings us to how familiar we are with media literacy.

Covid-19 vaccines are being rolled out.  In certain parts of the world, vaccines have, unfortunately, become the centre of controversy.

The problem, apparently, is not about the vaccines but governments being unable to decide what the best course of action is for themselves.

Bhutan, perhaps, has the best record in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.  More importantly, we do not bask in our successes.

Several countries are reportedly suspending the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine because of reports of blood clots.  We have so far handled the threats of the virus well.  And we know in which age group the vaccine works best.  But we cannot afford to take any chances.

What is good about Bhutan is that we can wait.  We do not have the kind of complications that many other countries are witnessing today.

Our advantage has been in keeping the quarantine system and the basic and necessary protocols in place.  Let’s put it this way: just by adhering to the recommended health protocols, we have almost zero positive cases in the country today.

However, the debate, wherever it originates, must be put in the right perspective.

We are yet to understand how vaccine rollout is being conducted in other countries.  In that sense, we have time in our hands, to wait and see what really is the problem with the vaccines. 

There is no need to rush.

Some argue that AstraZeneca, which has come to Bhutan, has more advantages than the dark reviews it’s got recently.  There is truth in both perspectives because we still know very little about both the pandemic and the vaccines.

We might have set a date for mass vaccination but there is no need to rush.  Our greatest advantage has been that we are in a position to learn from the mistakes that others make or have made.

This precious chance occurrence, and the wisdom and fortitude that come with it, must be put to good use, now more than ever.

What we need to understand is where the reports are coming from and what are they trying to tell us.  Information is always good but we need to know what to take in and leave the rest.

Coming back to the vaccine rollout in the country, we may do well to wait, because we can.  There is really no need to hurry.