How prepared is your party for the upcoming elections?

We are fully prepared. Our manifesto is ready and we have all our 47 candidates in place.


What is the biggest challenge for your party this election?

The biggest challenge for us would be to counter the baseless rumors that some vested interest groups have spread to further their own narrow interests. They have instilled fear and trepidation among our innocent people but luckily our people are not as ignorant as they think. People know that DPT will never do anything that would undermine our national interests and has the best track record of serving the Tsawa-Sum with unwavering loyalty and dedication.  Of course, lack of funding will continue to be another major challenge for us.


How would your party ensure that the upcoming elections are clean?

We have full faith and trust in the ability of the ECB to conduct a free and fair election. It is the responsibility of the parties and their leaders to ensure they do not engage in any unlawful act such as bribery, coercion and deceptive practices. On our part, we will not tolerate any of our candidates or coordinators engaging in any practice that would jeopardise the party’s integrity and credibility.


Which party do you see as your biggest competitor?

All parties have equal chance to prove themselves and convince the people to support them. Therefore, we take all the other parties seriously and hold them in equal esteem.


What would be the first change you would initiate should your party form the government?

The first thing we would like to do is to fix any disharmony, misunderstanding or divisions created in the course of the elections.


The election laws allow candidates to swap after the primary round. The law review task force does not recommend it. How does your party see this practice?

We will not support candidate swapping at all as a matter of principle.


The country has completed a decade of democratic governance. What has Bhutan lost and gained in this change?

We are lucky to have access to His Majesty The King for guidance and hence our democracy has a better beginning than most countries.  Yes, elected governments may not have made the best decisions but mistakes are our best teachers and we must learn from them.


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