Neten Dorji | Trashigang

An eye camp in Khamdang, Trashiyangtse, which started on December 20, was suspended because of the Covid-19 outbreak.

About 27 patients have undergone cataract and pterygium surgery in the first two days of the camp. The team saw about 200 patients from the eight gewog of the dzongkhag.

Apart from vision checks, cataract and pteryguim surgery, the team also provided treatments for corneal disease, refractor error, lid diseases and other eye-related diseases.

The dzongkhag, in partnership with the health ministry, organises the camp annually.

Ophthalmologist at Mongar regional referral hospital, Dr Samten Dorji, said such surgical camps are conducted annually as vision is important and due to cataracts, elderly people lose vision. “We reach to different people every year since many patients cannot travel to the referral hospital.”

The surgery camp team also conducted surgery in Trashigang, Reserbu hospital and Pemagatshel.

He said a person suffering from matured cataract would have only perceived light and would go blind.  “Because of annual camp, we do not see many patients with the problem.”

Cataract disease is said to be common in rural parts. The common symptoms of cataracts are decrease in vision, diminishing and blurred distance vision and being able to perceive only light or hand movement.

The team consists of two eye ophthalmologists and three-ophthalmic assistants and one optometrist from the referral hospital.