The nation yesterday got the most happy news. The celebration of the life of the most extraordinary monarch could not give the people news more delightful than the announcement of Prince who will continue the legacy of the Wangchuck Dynasty.

His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck shared the news with thousands of people who had come to celebrate the 60th Birth Anniversary of Drugyal Zhipa at Changlimethang Stadium in Thimphu. People outside of the capital partook in the joy and happiness through live broadcast of the event. There is a pulse of a new era in the history of a country that is rising ever so brightly and boldly.

The news gave added significance to the celebration of a king who shaped the face of the nation and gave vital beat to its feeble heart. November 11, 2015, will remain etched in the hearts of the Bhutanese people young and old, forever.

The nation saw a moment of transition more significant than it witnessed nine years ago when Drugyal Zhipa handed over the reins of the government to His Majesty Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck and the elected leaders. It is significant because Bhutan and the Bhutanese could celebrate the nation’s past, present and the future at the same time.

The celebration was significant also because in commemorating the life of a monarch most noble who secured the future of the country and the King most gifted who rules from the most hallowed Serthri, the nation received the news of a king most virtuous who will come to guide his people and the country like forebears great and eminent did in the past.

Too, the news was significant because we can now feel the future of the country. Our monarchs have given us the inspiration and light in times dark and trying. The selfless deeds of our kings have uplifted our people and given new status to the kingdom that had to wade through difficult times. What kept Bhutan strong and bold was the unwavering trust between the people and their kings.

A new seed of trust was sown yesterday in the hearts of thousands of Bhutanese. A new era has dawned on the country and its people. As the nation rises ever gloriously, may the sun of peace and happiness continue to shine on its people.

This happy season of celebrations and, forever, may the King and the people of Drukyul receive the choicest blessings. And, as we move on, may the country of Gross National Happiness continue to be guided by the wisdom of our peerless leaders.