… says Bhutanese need not panic

Tshering Palden

Prime Minister Dr Lotay Tshering yesterday night said that Bhutanese need not panic with neighbouring going for a complete lockdown.

“This was bound to happen and Bhutan wishes India all the luck as this is the only way to come out of it sooner and cleaner,” he said, adding that it was a clever move.

For Bhutanese in India, he said that if they maintain physical distance and other etiquettes then the safety is the same anywhere. “We would like to request all Bhutanese in India to remain calm, indoors and maintain social distance,” he said. “It’s not going to go on forever.”

Lyonchhen said that should any Bhutanese have any problems then they should contact the government or the Embassy in Delhi and the Consulate Office.

“As soon the restriction is lifted, we will be back in action to get them back,” he said.

For those at home, he said that the government has enough stock to feed the population for ‘a couple of months’.

“So there are absolutely no worries,” Lyonchhen said.

On March 18, Lyonchhen had said that in its effort to ensure continuous food supply in case of a complete lockdown, the government was stocking fuel and essential food items to last for at least 12 days or until the movement of vehicles across the border was restored.

He said that the public should not worry since the Indian government has assured a continuous supply of essential food items, fuel and medicines even in the worst-case scenario.

To contain the spread of the Covid-19, the Indian government has declared complete lockdown beginning today for 21 days.