The elderly and animals will enjoy good health. While men will enjoy a happier life than women in the female earth hog year, according to predictions by the College of Astrology in Pangrizampa, Thimphu.

Sonam Rinchen, vice principal of Pangrizampa College of Astrology,  said the Hog year was auspicious for 52-year-olds (female) born in the year of wood Dragon and 72-year-olds (male and female) of Earth Ox year. These two ages, he said, were good to launch important projects like conducting groundbreaking ceremonies and other auspicious events.

Since the year is female, more girls are expected to be born, according to astrologer Sonam Rinchen.

However, young people could face challenges and risks.

Sonam Rinchen said they should avoid long journeys, visiting construction sites, and attending funerals and recommended recitation of Jigten Wangchuk, offering of tshogbum, conducting fire and incense burning ceremonies and to pray to Guru Rinpoche and Zhabdrung.

The hog year will also experience major windstorms and untimely heavy rainfall, which may lead to poor crop yields in the country and livestock production. The year will also see robbery and famine incidents.

To avert disasters, the datho (astrological calendar) recommends reciting holy scriptures, making offerings to the deities of the four natural elements, conducting purification and incense burning ceremonies, recitation of mani, bazaguru and Jigten Wangchuk.

Sonam Rinchen said those born in the year of Hog (ages 13, 25, 37, 49, 61, 73 and 83) were inauspicious (lona) and it would also be inauspicious for children born this year. They should avoid long journeys, visits to construction sites, attending weddings, funerals and baby showers.

He said that people born in the year of Snake were not compatible (duenzur) with the Hog and should rescue animal, recite sacred mantra for longevity (tsezung) and long life rituals (tsedrup), and avoid starting important ventures and initiatives.

Although people born in the year of the Sheep and Rabbit are compatible (thuensum) with the Hog, the year is inauspicious for them. They should avoid long journeys, new ventures, visiting and soaking in hot springs and herbal bath among others.

Since they will also face difficulties in fulfilling their desires and get blamed by others, they should appease protective deities, erect lungdhar, perform jabzhi rimdro, and recite sindok and holy scriptures.

The fifth month of the Hog year is considered an inauspicious month (dhana) while the eighth month is considered an auspicious month (dazang).

Kelzang Wangchuk