While the Male Iron Rat Year is expected to bring peace and harmony to the people in general, there could be problems for children and elderly citizens, according to predictions from College of Astrology in Pangrizampa, Thimphu.

It also predicted possible calamities from rain.

According to astrologer Kuenzang Chophel, there would be disproportionate rainfall in the country with some parts of the country experiencing heavy rainfall while some face scarcity of rain. “To prevent it, recitation of scriptures and prayers are recommended.”

The rat, however, is a good year for agriculture and environment, as cereals, trees and flowers would grow in abundance.

According to Kuenzang Chophel, those born in the Rat Year, as it is their lo-ka would face some obstacles and shouldn’t travel long distances, avoid visiting construction or excavation sites, patients, births, deaths and marriage. They should also avoid witnessing fights.

“It’s a good year to give birth to boys, as they would have good behavior,” he said.

It’s a bad year for those born in Horse year, as it is duenzur and they shouldn’t initiate any important works. They should save animals and recite long-life prayers.

The year is also not good for those born in Dragon and Monkey year, as it is their thuensum and would face challenges in fulfilling their wishes. They would also be susceptible to rumours. They should also avoid visiting construction sites and marriage ceremonies.

Kinzang Chophel said they should appease local deities, hoist prayer flags and perform rituals.

The Rat is a good year for women born in Earth Tiger year, who are 23 years old and male born in Water Ox year, who are 48 years old and they should lead or initiate any works related to soil tilling and excavation and inaugurations.

“The sixth Bhutanese month is considered Dha-Na (inauspicious month) and initiating any important works in the month should be done after conducting rituals. The ninth month is the most auspicious month of the year and any work initiated in the month would be good.”