Yesterday, the nation celebrated the naming ceremony of HRH The Gyalsey at Punakha Dzong. Outside the magnificent 17th century fortress, the Thangzona was teeming with people. For the Bhutanese young and old, the day had special significance.

As His Majesty The King, His Majesty Drukgyal Zhipa and HRH The Gyalsey left the sacred Machen, the nation held a deep breath. We witnessed past, present and the future shaping the destiny of our nation.

Our Kings have played a critical role in consolidating the sovereignty of the nation. The peace and prosperity that we enjoy today are the fruits of their unparalleled wisdom and selfless service to the country and the people. We continue to be blessed by the far-sighted vision and compassion of our monarchs.

As His Majesty The King has His Father to seek guidance from, so will The Gyalsey in his time. It is indeed a rare blessing that The Gyalsey has both his father and grandfather who will groom Him to be a monarch extraordinaire, so that during His reign people continue to enjoy peace and happiness as the Bhutanese have under the Wangchuck Dynasty since 1907.

It was, therefore, a solemn occasion for the Bhutanese to offer their prayers. As His Majesty The King held The Gyalsey in His arms and walked among the people, there was joy in the faces of the people. Many were moved to tears.

People felt and saw the future of the nation unfold before their eyes. They felt the continued national leadership strengthened and stability of the nation bolstered. They saw the success of the nation grow from strength to strength. Our political government will change from time to time, but we will have the blessing of a leader who will guide us through to achieve our profound national dreams.

It is this sense of continuity that the naming ceremony of The Gyalsey reflected for us.

And so the mood that prevailed at the ceremony; radiant colours of aspiration and confidence that showed in the faces of the people came from genuine love and reverence for the future leader of this great nation.