… the post of Bidung gup

LG: When it comes to Bidung gewog in Trashigang, the chiwogs of Tshekhar and Gonpa, which are without gup candidates, will determine who wins the post of Bidung gup.

The three gup candidates are from the chiwogs of Saling-Dogorom, Jalung and Kakaniwog.

Former cop Jambay is contesting from Saling-Dogorm, and former mangmi and petty contractor, Ugyen Tshering has been nominated from Jalung-Tsigtum. The third is former mangmi, Sonam Phuntsho from Kakaniwog.

Going by voter feedback, Sonam Phuntsho is favoured to win the post. He is favoured because of his down-to-earth attitude complemented with a helpful personality. His chiwog also has the highest number of postal voters.

“The ex-mangmi has an edge because he has undergone alternative dispute resolution training,” a voter from Tshekhar, Dorji, said. “He would always help us even if we approached him at odd hours,” he said.

But Sonam Phuntsho has to face Jambay, whose chiwog Saling-Dogorom has the highest number of households and voters in the gewog.

Second to Saling-Dogorom, in terms of the number of voters is Ugyen Tshering. While the candidate has been driving a taxi since 2011, he brings experience to the table as he served as a mangmi between 2005-2011. He did not contest in the 2011 election.

Ugyen Tshering won almost every vote during the chiwog zomdu.

One possible factor that could determine who Tshekhar and Gonpa choose, may be proximity. Voters could vote on this basis if they feel that the nearest located gup would understand their issues better.

If that happens, the chiwogs of Goenpa and Tshekhar are likely to go for Sonam Phuntsho since Kakaniwog is closer than Jalung and Saling.

Tempa Wangdi | Trashigang