Wildlife: A 39-year-old farmer from Nebisa village in Rangthaling, Tsirang who was attacked by a lone wild boar on October 17 is recovering at the Thimphu referral hospital.

The father of five fractured his left leg and sustained injuries on both the limbs in the attack.

According to his brother Sadeev Khatiwara, the boar attacked when his brother was trying to chase it away from his paddy field.

“Three men were chasing the boar away when the boar suddenly attacked my brother while the others fled,” he said.

Residents of Rangthaling said that the electric fencing has so far kept away wild animals from their fields.

“But on that day, they had switched off power to the electric fencing for maintenance and I think that’s how the boar managed to get into the field,” the brother said.

Sadeev said his brother was immediately admitted to Damphu hospital and after two days, was referred to Thimphu.

Yeshey Dema, Tsirang