Conflict: Wild dogs have started attacking cattle in Nubi, Trongsa. Villagers no longer can leave their cattle in the nearby forests untended.

People here have lost a significant number of cattle to the wild dogs recently.

Phuntsho from Pchela said a pack of wild dogs can eat a whole bull in less than 30 minutes. “They clean up everything so quick and this has become a major problem in the villages.”

Phuntsho lost four cows and two bulls to the wild dogs last year. This year too Phunthso lost a bull to the wild dogs. “There are usually about 15 dogs in a pack.”

Dechen Tshomo, a farmer, said she lost a bull to the wild dogs early this year. Last year, two of her cows were killed and eaten by the wild dogs. “And the dogs have become dangerously bold. They cannot be kept away for long.”

Kinley Wangdi from Bemji said that wild dogs killed three of his cows in April. “And this month I lost a bull.”

Ugyen Dorji, also from Bemji, said the problem of wild dogs is becoming serious by the year. “Dogs might even attack us if they see us alone.”

A villager said that wild dogs kill more cattle than tigers. There has been no report yet of a tiger killing cattle in Nubi this year.

Nubi Gup Tashi Penden, who lost three cows to wild dogs, said that the wild dog problem is growing in the villages. “I heard wild dogs had even killed a wild boar where the cows were killed and eaten.”

Nima Wangdi | Pchela