… minor damages reported in eight gewogs in Sarpang

Authorities reached temporary relief support to all affected households in Nangkor, Zhemgang,  which suffered the maximum damages in the windstorm on Monday evening, with the help of desuups, and the community.

Assessments for insurance for all affected families in the gewog were completed, according to the gewog officials.

The relief efforts started as early as 7am. Houses that lost roofs to the windstorms were temporarily covered using tarpaulin sheets, and tents were pitched for the affected families planning to start repair works soon.

Nangkor Mangmi, Singye Wangchuk said, “We could restore the roofs of almost all the households that had materials ready. Those without the required materials were covered with tarpaulin provided by the dzongkhag.”

He added that dzongkhag officials were overseeing the relief efforts throughout the day. Almost all houses affected were insured, according to the mangmi.

The relief support had also reached families in Bardo gewog and the dzongkhag provided 15 small tarpaulin sheets to the affected families in Langdurbi chiwog yesterday.

Bardo gewog Mangmi, Tshering Tenzin said that the relief materials provided were not sufficient for the affected families. “But, we managed with the help of locals and started to temporarily restore the rooftops. Assessment for those insured are underway,” he said.

Several public and private structures were damaged in Sarpang including schools, RNR centre, shops, and rooftops of over 10 houses in eight gewogs.

Dzongkhag disaster management officials said the damages were mostly minor and the assessment for houses that suffered major damages were ongoing.

Damages to roofs, summer vegetables, and polyhouse were reported in Sarpang following a windstorm on Monday evening, which lasted more than an hour.

The most affected were in Samtenling gewog with over 10 low-cost and 11 prefabricated polyhouses damaged, according to dzongkhag agriculture officials.

The windstorm also affected crops and vegetables that were ready for the harvest in the dzongkhag.

Maize, beans, summer gourds, and betel nut trees were reportedly affected by the windstorm.

In Shompangkha, the windstorm also damaged 30 areca nut trees and 15 banana trees belonging to a farmer. Another 35 areca nut trees broke down in Samtenling according to dzongkhag’s report.

A total of 71 polyhouses, and two green shed houses were damaged on Monday evening.

Nima | Gelephu