A windstorm blew off roofs of three households, damaged 10 acres of maize plants and killed cattle belonging to 21 households in Orong, Samdrupjongkhar on April 25.

Orong gup, Jigme, said the windstorm affected three villages, Suzung, Menchuri and Tokorong. “Suzung village is the worst hit as it blew off the roof of a house and damaged maize plants of 21 houses.”

He said it also damaged the roof of a house in Menchuri and Tokorong. “Luckily there was no casualty.”

The gup said the houses are insured with Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan and he has informed the officials for an assessment.

He said he informed the gewog agriculture extension officer and the dzongkhag agriculture officer. “I met all the affected families yesterday.”

The compensation, he said, would be based on the assessment report the extension officer submits.

One of the affected farmers, Khandu, 38, from Suzung village, who lost about two acres of maize plants, said it is a pain to see their hard labour go in vain.

“I am the only one who works in the farm here and I not only grew maize but also guarded it against monkeys, wild boars, deer, and porcupines for the nights until now.”

Another farmer, Tenzin, 49, from Menchuri, said the windstorm damaged the roof of his house and it would be helpful if the officials carried out the assessments soon. “We are sleeping in the cowshed because the main structure of the house was also affected by the storm,” he said.

Kerpo, 50, said he lost a milking jersey cow to the windstorm. “The cowshed was destroyed. He said he lost about 1.5 acres of maize to a windstorm.

“Although the gewog agriculture extension officer and gewog officials are carrying out the assessments, we are worried since no one has told if we will be getting compensation,” Kerpo said.

The gewog agriculture extension officer, Pelden Tshomo, said she is still carrying out the assessment. “I cannot comment on compensation but I will send the assessment report to the dzongkhag administration after it is complete.”

Kelzang Wangchuk | Samdrupjongkhar