Disaster: The government is likely to send the helicopter today to assess the damage caused by Saturday’s, December 26, windstorm in Lunana.

Gasa dzongdag Dorji Dhradhul said about 30 houses in Thanza and Toenchey villages suffered damage from the windstorm.  He said that local leaders in Lunana reported to him that roofs of around 15 houses were blown off while 15 others suffered partial damage.

“We were also told that the storm killed a yak and destroyed more than 35 solar panels,” said the dzongdag. People could not stay in the severely damaged houses, and were currently putting up with neighbours.

However, no casualties were reported as most of the houses were without occupants. Most of the people had left for Punakha and Wangdue and would return home only after about two months.

“All the information was received through telephonic conversation with the local people and we could authenticate the information and damage only on reaching Lunana,” the dzongdag who will be on the chopper said.

He said the dzongkhag has already informed the Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan about the disaster. The dzongkhag administration was asked to submit the damage assessments for compensation.

Lunana gup Gyembo Tshering, who is in Thimphu yesterday, said he was told that the windstorm started around dawn and became stronger at around 1am subsiding only around 4pm. “While it is almost normal for Lunana to experience windstorm in winter, no such destruction has been reported so far,” gup Gyembo Tshering said.

Dawa Gyelmo, Wangdue