Chimi Dema

A windstorm ripped off roofs of six houses and public structures in Naro gewog, Thimphu, and Lunana in Gasa on December 4 morning.

A one-storey house in Naro collapsed completely when a tree fell on it rendering the inhabitants, a family of four, homeless.

The roofs of the other houses and latrines were partially damaged.

But no casualty was reported.

Thimphu disaster management focal person, Tandin Wangchuk said the houses that suffered damages were insured with Royal Insurance Corporation of Bhutan Limited (RICBL).

Dzongkhag and RICBL officials are assessing the damage to the affected houses and public structures.

Tandin Wangchuk said that the compensation would be based on the assessment report.

Kuensel learnt that the dzongkhag disaster management sector provided tarpaulin sheets to the families in the damaged houses. They were also given a set of basic accessories.

Meanwhile, it was learnt that few affected individuals were taking refuge with neighbours while some families continue to live in the damaged houses.

In Lunana, a strong windstorm at around 10AM blew off the roof of Mendrelthang extended classroom (ECR) in Tshozhong chiwog.

The windstorm was experienced in other highland communities like Soe and Lingzhi gewogs, but no damage was reported.

“While the regions have experienced similar storms and mishaps in the past, it normally used to occur towards the end of the first month of Bhutanese calendar,” said Naro gup, Wangchuk.