Storm: A powerful windstorm hit Tsirang on Saturday. Almost 80 percent of maize field in the dzongkhag has been destroyed. Farmers are now worried about the maize seed for next year.

More than 150 acres of maize was damaged by a windstorm that hit the two gewogs of Dunglagang and Patshaling on July 25.

Neten Wangchuk, 49, said that out of two acres of maize, one was badly damaged by the windstorm.

“It is a big problem for small farmers like us. Everything has gone down the drain,” said Neten Wangchuk.

Sherab Tenzin of Lhamoilum chiwog of Dunglagang gewog said that it is really sad when the work of 20 people for three days was damaged within a few minutes. “I had three acres of maize, out of which, more than one acre was damaged.”

Agriculture Extension Officer Naresh Bhandari said that the office carried out an assessment soon after the storm.

“We are yet to finalize the total crop loss. The acres damaged are between 100 to 150,” he said.

Naresh Bhandari said that out of 350 households in Dunglagang, 120 were affected by the windstorm. “We informed the dzongkhag on the same day and the dzongkhags has asked us to compile a report.”

Yeshey Dema, Tsirang