Staff Reporter

Civil servants will continue to work from 9am to 5pm this winter after the Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) announced yesterday that it has revised the official working hours and that winter timing for civil servants has been cancelled. 

A press release from the commission stated, “There shall be no differentiation in working hours during the summer and winter months.”

Winter timing for the civil servants usually starts on November 1 every year. 

“The Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the economy with the gross domestic product at an all-time low of negative 10.8 percent and the productivity of the civil service affected by the lockdowns and challenges posed by the pandemic restrictions,” the press release stated. 

“Domestic revenue has been badly affected by the pandemic, raising issues of sustainability and fiscal management,” it stated. 

It stated that the civil service has worked hard to support the country in its effort to manage and mitigate the effects of the pandemic. “Many initiatives are underway to build a stronger and more vibrant economy.” 

The civil service, being the key to good governance and efficient delivery of the services, the commission said, bears the responsibility to support and accelerate economic recovery.

Edited by Tshering Palden