For the Bhutanese, the Blessed Rainy Day is one of the important occassions in the almanac this side of the sunny street. The festival that falls in September marks the end of the rainy season. This, too, is the beginning of the season of plenty and celebrations.

September 23rd is the Blessed Rainy Day. We celebrate a tradition and culture that has come to us through generations. It is important that we observe our cultures and traditions because they define us as a society. In the age of globalisation, taking in new and foreign cultures and traditions is easy, but keeping one’s home safe and secure is not very so.

That’s why celebration of our age-old cultures and traditions is more than just significant. We shape our own identity with and though them. And here we are; Thruebab is upon us. Let there be rain and so it is! May we all be blessed with this final rain of the year. Let us give it to all the hard work we put in. And so, let us partake of the fruits of our labour. That’s life; that’s living.

But the Blessed Rainy Day this year is a little different. With local government elections nearing, we must keep the celebrations subdued. Many Bhutanese families will not like it, but the election commissions has made it clear that as we near the election date, we need to make sure that campaigning and other election activities do not happen. As responsible citizens, we must respect the law.

So, let there be no large gathering of people. Khuru and Archery matches this Blessed Rainy Day should be different. Families can get together and eat together. We can pray together and celebrate the day. But we cannot disregard the election rules.

The Blessed Rainy Day is important, but so is the local government election. We only need to be fair. Thruebabs will come and go. Celebrations don’t have to be loud and messy.

We wish everyone a Happy Blessed Rainy Day. May we all prosper and enjoy the best of days with the blessed rain. Let us give our good wishes and prayers for successful local government elections. The Blessed Rainy Day this year is special to us in ways more than one.

Thruebab Tashi Delek!