Crime: Gelephu police yesterday forwarded to court a case of a 24-year-old woman from Bjee, Haa for forging a document and withdrawing Nu 25,000 from a Bank of Bhutan account.

The incident took place on October 23 at the bank’s Gelephu branch. One of the bank officials reported the case to police.

According to the statement to police, the incident came to light when the account holder received a short message service (SMS) saying that Nu 25,000 was withdrawn from his account.

On cross checking the daily transaction, it was found that the suspect had withdrawn the money with the help of her neighbour whose name was similar to that of the account holder’s, the statement stated.

Police found that the suspect had asked for the victim’s account number saying she would deposit the money she owed him. Instead, she withdrew the money from his account number using her friend.

“She had used a thumb print on the withdrawal form and told bank officials that her friend, who was not feeling well was waiting outside the bank and that he had sent her in to collect the cash,” a police official said.

Police also found that she had spent all the money in buying household items. “We have kept all the items she bought with Nu 25,000 at the police station,” police said.

The suspect lives with her husband who works for a private firm in Gelephu.

Yeshey Dema,  Gelephu