Thimphu dzongkhag court’s commercial bench sentenced a 26-year-old woman to 25 years in prison on August 28 for murdering a woman in Olakha on September 30 last year.

The judgment stated that the sentence was lenient, as the defendant, Kunzang Lhamo, did not have any prior criminal record and it was accidental.

Office of the Attorney General (OAG) charged Kunzang Lhamo for murder, as she pushed the deceased, Tashi Tshomo, off a 36.7ft wall after they had an argument over a man on September 30 last year. Tashi Tshomo was a tenant of Kunzang Lhamo.

OAG submitted that Kunzang Lhamo intended and attempted to murder the deceased, as she kicked the deceased even after she fell off the wall. “She also sent satisfactory text messages after the incident to her friends.”

OAG charged Kunzang Lhamo for violating Penal Code of Bhutan 2004’s section 138 that states, “A defendant shall be guilty of the offence of murder if the defendant commits a homicide knowingly or deliberately.”

The offence of murder is graded a first-degree felony.

OAG also submitted before the court that Kunzang Lhamo should bear the expenses of the rituals conducted until 49 days after Tashi Tshomo’s demise and also compensate her family members.

Kunzang Lhamo defended that the murder was accidental and that she did not intend to murder the deceased but it occurred in the rage of the moment when she had a fight with the deceased.

However, the court ruled that there is no evidence that Kunzang Lhamo planned to murder Tashi Tshomo by pushing her off the wall but the incident occurred because of Kunzang Lhamo’s bad luck for the day.

The court ruled that Kunzang Lhamo need not pay compensation, as her brother paid Nu 210,000 to the deceased’s sister.

Tashi Dema and Yeshey Dema