A 62-year-old woman from Tshamzhigosa in Lhamoidzingkha, Dagana died from injuries sustained after an elephant attacked her at around 12:30am yesterday. 

Sources said that the woman was attacked when she returned home from her relative’s place after they heard about an elephant attack in the neighbourhood. She planned to sleep over at her relative’s place. The woman mostly lived in Thimphu with her daughter and had only returned to the village from Thimphu the previous evening.

According to the sources, the woman sustained a major injury that resulted in excessive bleeding. 

The elephant has reportedly damaged areca nut trees and maize in the locality. 

Although damages on crops and structures are common, local leaders said that the incident of human-elephant conflict was minimal. It was learnt that this is the second incident of human-elephant conflict in Lhamoidzingkha since 2017.

By Chimi Dema | Dagana