Staff reporter

A woman fell off the balcony on December 7 in Babesa but is in stable condition at the Jigme Dorji Wangchuck National Referral Hospital.

The police ruled out foul play after investigation. The police said that they suspected criminality but it was accidental.

The victim and her family were drinking alcohol when the victim went out to the balcony to pick up laundry. She slipped and fell off.

Police and DeSuup on patrol spotted a taxi  rushing to the hospital.

The case was reported to police at 10:20pm. Major Lobzang Dawa said that the doctor informed she smelt of alcohol. “She might have fallen down due to intoxication.”

Major Lobzang Dawa said that since they could not go inside the hospital due to Covid-19 protocols. “We got a statement from the woman saying she fell off from the balcony while picking up laundry and nobody harmed her.”