Chhimi Dema

Royal Civil Service Commission (RCSC) issued notification this Tuesday that remote or work from home for civil servants is discontinued with immediate effect.

A private employee said that this means he would get faster service from government and other agencies.

“When government officials were working from home, a task which could be completed in a day would take a week,” he said.

The decision was made in line with the government’s recent directive to lift restrictions.

Bhutan Taxi Association’s chairperson Rinzin Wangchuk said that they were facing difficulties while availing e-services for renewal of licenses.

“It is easier when we visit the offices manually,” he said.

A civil servant said that public service delivery is hampered while officials were working from home. Colleagues who work in offices often felt pressured with numerous tasks to attend to.

The notification states that agencies may allow exceptions for mothers with children below the age of one year to work from home.

As a working mother of two primary students, Pema said that she will drop her children at her sister’s place when she goes to work.

Tshokey Dema, a mother of 8-year-old said that she was concerned that her daughter would be left unsupervised as she returns to work.

RCSC stated that with proper working modalities in place, agencies could allow flexi-work timings for parents with children in primary schools.