Chhimi Dema

When offices implemented work from home facility to contain the Covid-19 pandemic last year, many employees enjoyed it.

Many thought they could work and also have more time with families or have time for themselves.

The happiness, however, did not last long for many, who say that it has now turned to a nightmare.

An employee of a private company, Yeshey Choden, said she was not productive while working from home. “I could not meet the targeted goals and it makes me anxious.”

Another private employee, Dorji Dawa, said that as a parent, working from home was a challenge. “Children want me to spend time with them. It is challenging to balance work and personal time.”

A corporate employee, Zangmo, 36, said that working from home was a challenge with many disturbances at home.

She said that her work output was hampered because of distractions and household chores. “At home, I also get the urge to engage myself in other works.”

Others said it is difficult to engage in discussions or get responses from colleagues.

A civil servant, Pema Dema, 26, said that her experience of working from home is bad. “Without official documents at home, it is difficult to complete all the tasks.”

She said public services delivery is hampered.

Disruption in network connectivity is also making working from home difficult. Many attend virtual meetings, which is hampered by the network problem.

Some said they make a daily routine to ensure they don’t overwork or miss works.

People also complained there is no decision-making while working from home, as it takes time to get documents approved and signed by bosses.