I cycle wherever I go. I have been living in Gelephu for a long time. Sometimes it becomes hard to cycle around, especially in summer. Can you please suggest any workout routine that I can do at home at such times? Also, what are the benefits and drawbacks of cycling for a long time? 

Dawa, Gelephu

Hi Dawa,

The problem with doing any kind of sport or physical activity at an intense level consistently results in repetitive injury.

The most common problem associated with cycling are knee pain due to constant pedalling, pain in lower back as a result of endless sitting, wrist pain because of holding and leaning onto the handle.

These problems can be prevented by incorporating a session or two a week of targeted weight training and stretching.  Also, keeping yourself away from cycling for a couple of weeks a year can help.

Every physical activity or sport creates a certain type of stress and require certain muscles to work much more than others, resulting in over use of certain muscles creating imbalance between muscles in the body. Thus, the injuries and pain.

So, no matter what sport you are involved in, you must strive for optimal health.

Search for videos online to learn the correct techniques to perform all of the above exercise correctly. Only 1-minute rest between sets and exercises.

Tip of the week:

“Striving for balance should always be priority whilst chasing optimal health”

You can do the following exercise for optimal health:

1. Burpee 20 repetition into 3 sets

2. Lunges 20 steps each leg into 3 sets

3. Clean and press with 5 kg dumbbell 10 repetition into 3 sets

4. Plank 1 minute into 3 sets

5. Reverse plank 1 minute into 3 sets.

Tshering Dorji (three times Mr Bhutan winner), is a certified fitness trainer and specialist in performance nutrition


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