Education: Bhutan Council for School Examination and Assessment (BCSEA) has come under criticism this year after they distributed the wrong question paper to class XII students of the School for Language and Culture Studies in Thimphu who were appearing the board examination earlier this week.

Instead of ‘Dzongkha to English’ translation papers, some 200 students were distributed the ‘Dzongkha to Choekey’ translation question papers when only 10 students were appearing the ‘Dzongkha to Choekey’ paper.

While the 10 students continued with their paper, the remaining 200 students were kept in a room for about three hours until the examination authorities managed to photocopy the required question papers.

The examination that was supposed to end at 12pm was delayed until 4pm.

However, BCSEA’s controller of examination, Sangay Tenzin, said that the exam was not delayed because they sent wrong question papers but because of shortage of question papers.

“There should have been more Dzongkha to English papers and less Dzongkha to Choekey papers, but there were more Dzongkha to Choekey papers,” he said.

He explained that the lapses occured while packaging the question papers for numerous examination centres.

Meanwhile, many people criticised BCSEA on social media since the same incident happened to the last year’s class XII students of the same school. While many accused the authorities of incompetency, some said accountability has to be fixed.

However, the controller said that in case of last year, some questions of the paper were missing and BCSEA had to reprint the required question papers.

“Since there was shortage of question papers, we did not reprint but photocopied the question papers this year,” he said.

Dechen Tshomo