More than 1,500 students, 39 principals and vice principals took part in the first Sherig Gatoenobserved in Trashiyangtse to commemorate the birth anniversary His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo on November 11.

The event saw 320 students from 28 schools exhibiting their works in the different category at Trashiyangtse LSS ground.

The festival with the theme ‘Facing the Inspiration’ was also celebrated to mark Children’s day.

The dzongkhag education office organised it for the betterment of schools and to inspire children to achieve excellence in life.

The chief dzongkhag education officer, Kinzang Dhendup, said the objective of organising the festival was to motivate and reward outstanding practices.

“The event will provide the schools in Trashiyangtse with life-altering experiences that will foster change in the community,” he said adding that the schools must organise inspiring exhibitions to provide children with a platform to showcase their talents.

According to a teacher from Ramjar middle secondary school, Sonam Gyaltshen, the festival has created a platform for students to apply their new ideas and exhibits their learning.

A student of Trashiyangtse LSS, Jamyang Yuden, said that she was excited to be a part of the festival.

She said it was an opportunity to exhibit what they have learned beyond the classroom knowledge.

Teachers and students also performed various cultural programmes.

Staff Reporter