Futsal: In a closely contested game yesterday, Yeedzin FC thrashed Kuenjung FC 5-2. Yeedzin now go to the semi-finals of the on-going National Futsal League at Changjiji.

Kuenjung FC, the multiple-time winners of open futsal tournaments, failed to hold their ground against their much faster and agile opponents.  Yeedzin is playing for the first time this year.

Yeedzin’s manager/player, Jigme N Norbu, said that like all the other participating teams, their expectation is to win the tournament. “The first game was difficult for us as the team was not fully set,” he said. “The following games became much easier as the players played more as a team.”

The tournament this year saw a few changes in the technical aspect to the game.

The coordinator of the tournament, Pema, said that this year the tournament followed international futsal regulations. “Previously all the futsal tournaments in the country were more of street-style,” he said. “In order to make the players familiar with the international futsal rules and regulations, we decided follow the regulations this year.”

Yeedzin’s Chencho Gyeltshen said that apart from the technical aspect of the game, individual skills and fitness added to the power of the game. “For me football is much easier than futsal. However, I enjoy playing both,” said the 19-year-old star.

Kuenjung’s Jamyang Gyeltshen said that for him futsal has always been easier as he has been playing the game since childhood. “It’s the same for me whether I play on a concrete floor or on an artificial turfs. However, this tournament has been an uphill task for us, not because of the pitch, but because we’re up against teams comprising of national players.”

Previously a team could only have one national player with them but its different now, added Jamyang Gyeltshen.

A total of nine teams are participating in the 19-day tournament. Along with Yeedzin FC and Thimphu City, the defending champions, FC Tertons, has also qualified for the semi finals.

Paro Yuljong FC will take on Mandala FC for the last seat in the semi finals today.

Younten Tshedup