LG: The people of Yorbo chiwog in Goenshari, Punakha elected Thinley as their new tshogpa, yesterday.

Thinley, 48, secured 38 votes while his opponent Phurba got 36. The re-election saw 75 turn out to vote. There are 82 eligible voters in the chiwog.

Thinley is the new tshogpa for Yorbo

Thinley is the new tshogpa for Yorbo

Both the tshogpa candidates were from Yorbo village and were relatives. “I would have been happy even if I was not elected,” said Thinley.

The re-election was conducted as the two secured 39 votes each during the September 27 poll day.

The father of five, Thinley, said he was inspired to take part in the local government election after knowing about the roles and responsibilities of local leaders in a community. “I kept close watch on how the elected local leaders of the first local government worked and they inspired me,” he said. “I then decided to contest as tshogpa.”

However, Thinley said he only wanted to serve for one term. This, he said, is because he is aging and he won’t be able to compete or serve with dedication even if elected in the next election.

Thinley said his aim is to help his community in resolving local disputes without having to approach court. “I see local disputes as one of the challenges people face,” he said. People tend to approach court even to resolve minor issues, which could be resolved with proper mediation at the local level, he pointed out.

Apart from resolving the disputes, the tshogpa-elect hopes to serve his community with hard work and dedication.

Dawa Gyelmo | Punakha


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