Boxing: The match between 40-year-old Karma Wangchuk and 23-year-old Passang stole the show at the opening night of the on-going Inter-Wing Boxing Championship in Thimphu yesterday.

It was a fight between experience and youth where the more agile and raw talent overwhelmed the veteran boxer.

With over 20 years of experience in the sport, Karma Wangchuk was the crowd’s favourite. The old-timer did produce some impressive moves against his younger opponent.

With his quick movements and series of damaging jabs, Karma Wangchuk troubled Passang in the first round. Passang was mostly restricted to defence, landing only a handful of jabs on the veteran’s body.

With time Karma Wangchuk became more comfortable in the ring and he started taunting his opponent. It was then Passang turned the match in his favour, taking the advantage of his opponent’s quick movements.

Ducking and dodging at the right time, Passang off-balanced Karma Wangchuk three times in the last two rounds. Much poised and calm in the ring now, Passang started attacking.

With combinations of jabs and punches, Passang drained his opponent until he could finish him with an uppercut. However, the experience of the veteran didn’t let Passang achieve what he was looking for.

Although the final decision did go in favour of the young boxer, the seasoned boxer got the crowd’s appreciation.

Of the six matches at the Royal Institute of Management hall yesterday, only one match ended with a TKO (Technical Knockout) after Tempa Tshering form Wing IX suffered a cut on his nose during a fight against Dorji Penjor of Wing VII.

In an equally fought bout, Chogyel Norbu and Kencho Dorji displayed some talents. Fighting in the under 60kg weight category, both the boxers were looking for a knockout from the beginning of round one.

Series of punches were exchanged between the two. However, neither could get that final uppercut that both were desperately looking for.

At the end of the three rounds of three minutes each, Kencho Dorji was declared the winner.

A total of 68 boxers from eight Wings of the Royal Bhutan Army are taking part in the 15-day competition organised by the Bhutan Olympic Committee and Bhutan Boxing Federation.

Younten Tshedup