YK Poudel

Royal Bhutan Police recently had to deal with two battery cases involving students in Thimphu. The case is currently under investigation.

According to the Thimphu Superintendent of Police (SP), the suspects have been detained following complaints.

On January 8, a group of boys attacked a boy at Centenary Park in Thimphu.

While youth crimes saw a significant reduction over the years, it requires special attention, especially during vacation, said the SP.

An eyewitness said, “One of our brothers was going to the washroom when a group of boys came and began asking for cash. When we denied it, they attacked our brother.”

The incident was reported to the police on the same day.

However, after more than 20 working days, the victim feels the case is not being investigated.

The mother of the victim said that after reporting the incident to the police, she went to the spot to look for the boys. “I saw a group of boys and called the police but the police did not turn up.”

When the police arrived the next day, the boys had gone and caused another problem near the Lungtenzampa fuel depot.

The SP said that the suspects involved in the case are detained as per the law even if they are minors.

“Whenever we encounter a group of people we make sure we check and advise them to be cautious,” the SP said.

Deputy Chief of Police, Colonel Passang Dorji said that youth crimes are getting out of control. “Crime cases with youth involvement require attention. This is why the decision to implement the laws strictly was made.”