Nim Dorji | Trongsa

Forty-nine youth and village elders in Langthel, Trongsa, learned masonry, carpentry, and repairing household appliances.

The month-long programme will help the community have its own skilled workers.

Called the village skill development programme, it was conducted at Langthel Lower Secondary School.

Former National Council member from Trongsa, Tharchen, initiated the programme to equip youth and villagers with skills necessary in the community.

He claimed the programme was focused on youth and interested villagers so that they need not migrate to urban places to look for work, but work within the community.

“With the completion of the training, participants could work as community contracts in coordination with the gewogs,” Tharchen said. “They could form groups and come up with projects and apply for loans from financial institutions.”

A participant from Phumzur, Sonam Tshering, said that he helped village elders do masonry and carpentry work. “But I can work independently. The training helped me gain a lot of knowledge.”

Another participant, Pema Seldon from Yundrucholing said through the training, her family will not have to spend money for minor electrical and home appliance maintenance and repairs. “I can also earn some income.”

Another participant from Baling, Thuji, said he can now make window and door frames on his own. “I am interested to form groups and do community contract work.”

Through the programme funded by the Ministry of Labour and Human Resources and technically supported by Khuruthang and Chumey Technical Training Institutes, participants were also provided with basic hand tools.

Langthel Lower Secondary School also benefitted, as participants tiled the staff toilet, maintained steps, and repaired damaged electrical wires.

The principal of Chumey TTI, Pema Tshering, said that it is a short-term training focused on the youth and villagers who do not qualify for TTI, but want to gain skills.