Yangyel Lhaden

Transition from higher secondary to third-level education is often not so easy for many, particularly for those going abroad.

Thirteen Voice of Bhutan winners—who would be going to Australia and India for further studies—are attending preparatory sessions organised by Karma Education Consultancy & Placement Firm ( ECPF).

Speakers from diverse background are invited to talk about life, values, culture and potential challenges of going abroad for studies.

Karma ECPF’s Sonam Gyamtsho said that the firm considered it important to prepare the students beyond the usual pre-departure briefings.

Friday, October 23, it is the second talk. Jigme Namgyal, visually impaired singer is telling a story. There is a surprise waiting for the students. It’s not just a funny story. There is a serious moral lesson—challenges come in many shades; one must face and overcome them.

Sonam Youden did not take her studies seriously and performed badly in Class 12 exams. “I regret that. But I could sing and opportunities came my way. Here I am today.”

“We should not blame the forces from outside.  They tell us good things and bad but what matters in the end is our own decision,” says Jigme Namgyal. Sonam agrees. “Such talks motivate us and help change our perspective.”

Tshering Dema graduated from Gedu College of Business Studies. She came fourth in the Voice of Bhutan and won a scholarship to study in Australia. She finds reading hard. “I needed someone to tell me why and how I should read. The first preparatory session here did that to me. I am now motivated. I have already begun reading.”

A student said he got insights into how to tackle challenges in college and how important reading was from the first session. The second session taught them how to do better in life and to never give up. “And we will get to listen to more speakers in the upcoming days. I am excited.”

Sonam Gyamtsho said that the session would go on until mid-November.