Druk Phuensum Tshogpa (DPT) held on in Zhemgang with both its candidates winning in their constituencies. 

Dorji Wangdi from Panbang constituency won 2,984 votes to be elected for the third time as a member of parliament. He got 1,596 votes on the EVM and 1,388 from postal ballots.

 His opponent, DNT’s Tshering got 2,525 votes, 1,504 on the EVM and 1,021 from postal ballots. This is the second time he lost to Dorji Wangdi.

 In 2013, Dorji Wangdi won 42 more votes to win but he secured 459 more votes this time from his same opponent. Dorji Wangdi led in both postal and EVM votes.

 In Bardo-Trong constituency, DPT candidate, Gyambo Tshering won 3,633 votes, 1,794 through postal ballots and 1, 839 from EVM.

His opponent, DNT’s Sonam Leki got 3,507 votes, 1,953 postal and 1,554 from the EVM. He got 159 more postal ballots than Gyambo Tshering. Sonam Leki won 1,953 and Gyambo Tshering got 1794 postal votes.

 In Bardo-Trong constituency, of the 2,632 PBFB received, none got rejected but five conventional postal ballots were rejected while opening envelop A. The rejected ballots were without the identification declaation certificate and no declaration were made.

 Gyambo Tshering, who was home in Khomshar with his family, said he sees no point in celebrating the results.

 “One should lose and one should win in the race, so I did not celebrate,” he said. “I thank the election commission for conducting a fair and clean election and to the people of Bardo-Trong.”

 The other candidates were not reachable. 

 Zhemgang has 18, 567 registered voters.

Tashi Tenzin | Zhemgang