Nima | Zhemgang

If everything goes as planned, Zhemgang Dzong renovation would have detailed project report and a work plan by the end of this year.

The plan to renovate the dzong started in the 11th Plan.

Zhemgang Dzongda Lobzang Dorji said: “There is a need to strengthen functional point and utility needs. There was no comprehensive restoration plans in the past.”

He added that the dzongkhag administration in the past built residence, kitchen, and guesthouse adjacent to dzong when there was a budget.

With the project plan coming up, the dzongkhag expects the renovation project to be comprehensive.

Lobzang Dorji said the ministry agreed to complete the DPR at the earliest. “Then, depending on the availability of the resources, we will start the renovation within the 12th Plan or in the 13th plan. The ministry has limited people and there are many things to look after.”

The dzong experienced damage from a windstorm that blew away almost half the roof of a monastic residence located near the central block of the dzong last month. It took three days for the Desuup and the administration to restore the structure.

Dzongkhag Tshogdu’s chairperson, Kinzang Jurmey, said the dzong renovation had been in the planning and discussion for a long time. “We are not sure if this has become a subject to politics. Don’t know if local leaders and the dzongkhag is failing to do the required job to materialize the plan.”

The chairperson added that the home minister assured the dzongkhag administration would provide all the necessary support. “We have high hopes this time. The dzong is one of the most significant symbols for the nation. No major renovation was done for a long time.”

He said that the fund support received from the centre was given as a part of the annual dzongkhag budget. “There was no separate budget for the renovation project.”