ICT: His Holiness the Je Khenpo yesterday launched the website of the Zhung Dratshang (Central Monastic Body) at the Tashichho Dzong in Thimphu.

The website contains information on the Zhung Dratshang, monks, nuns, rabdeys, shedras, retreat centres and monastic institutions, which are under the Central Monastic Body.

It also consists of teachings, prayers, religious music, books, religious chants, programmes and the curriculum of various Buddhist schools and colleges under the Zhung Dratshang.

During the launch, HH the Je Khenpo said that it is important to bring religion and culture online. “Through the internet people can access the teachings, information and news related to Buddhism and Bhutanese culture,” HH the Je Khenpo said.

HH the Je Khenpo also said that making the Kangyur (Buddhist canon) and Tengyur (commentaries), and biographies of great Buddhist masters available online would bring more benefit to the people.

The website also has zakar (horoscope), festivals, sungrab (religious texts), library and publications, daily and annual programmes, among others.

Religious progarmmes especially, daily, monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annual rituals and ceremonies are also found on the website. The annual tshechus and drupchens are also listed.

Zhung Dratshang’s advisor, Lopen Gembo Dorji said the website will act as a platform to provide adequate information on the Zhung Dratshang, which in turn will help in understanding more about Drukpa Kagyu in Bhutan. “In absence of website many people do not know about the Zhung Dratshang,” Lopen Gembo Dorji said.

He added that in this digital era, it is important to have website, which is an important tool of information sharing and disseminating. “With the website, people across the globe are also expected to know more about the Zhung Dratshang and Drukpa Kagyu.”

Lopens, senior and learned monks will help with gathering, writing and sorting information related to the Zhung Dratshang. The website is available in English as well as in Dzongkha.

It can be accessed at: zhungdratshang.org and zhungdratshang.bt.

Tenzin Namgyel