Phurpa Lhamo | Wangdue 

Wangdue, Punakha and Gasa dzongkhags will implement the zoning system today.

Punakha and Wangdue implemented lockdown by 6am and Gasa by 9am yesterday.

Wangdue Dzongdag Sonam Jamtsho said that with a few stranded individuals within the dzongkhag, a complete lockdown could be enforced by 8am.

Wangdue will begin the zoning system by 7am today.

The dzongkhag has identified three zones in the town—Bajo town, Gangthangka, and the extended town area of Bajo, seven buffer zones, 10 self-contained zones and 15 separate zones (one for each gewog).

The self-contained zones include the army colony, dzong construction area, and the Punatsangchhu Hydroelectric Projects, among others.

The dzongkhag has identified shops, which will open in turns and cater essentials.

The dzongkhag also established a call centre yesterday to attend to the queries of the public.

In Punakha, two core zones, three buffer zones and 10 gewog zones have been identified.

Zoning system would be implemented using the old cards, which were issued during the first lockdown in August.

Punakha Dzongdag Karma Drukpa said that movement for emergency cases was allowed yesterday. Flu clinic services are still provided to those suffering from flu-like symptoms.

Gasa dzongkhag is divided into eight zones. The zoning system would be implemented by today afternoon.

Gasa Dzongdag Rinzin Penjore said that comparedwith the first lockdown, the process this time was better organised and easier for the residents.